4 Best Foods For a Mood Boost

What you eat undoubtedly has an impact on your mood. Most of us have experienced that awesome feeling after eating healthy all day. And most of us have also experienced that not-so-awesome feeling after eating junk all day. Food is fuel, and if you put quality food in, your body and mind respond accordingly. Physical […]

5 Tips for Fighting Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety cause so many health problems, so it is worth discussing how you can manage them effectively to avoid consequence. Stress and anxiety are natural responses that have physical and mental effects on the body. At one time, they helped keep people alive (think running away from a lion, or gathering food before […]

Basic Tips For Healthy Aging

Health and wellness strategies involve permanent changes, for the purpose of living a long life full of quality and relationships. Aging is a blessing, which is something many people do not realize today. Television ads, billboards, and magazines lament the effects of aging on skin, and tout the latest and greatest products for looking younger. […]

4 Exercises For Better Core Strength

Having a strong core is the difference between injury and sustained health. Building the muscles in your back, abdominals, shoulders, and glutes help you function better overall, and have an impact on spine and nervous system wellness as a result. Your chiropractor can give you specific exercises to do that are tailored to your unique […]