3 Foods That Help Fight Heart Disease

Heart disease and heart related problems are a pretty common occurrence in today’s world. Chances are that you personally know or know of someone that deals with these sorts of problems. With the prevalence of heart disease, you would think that we all took care of our hearts religiously. Unfortunately, that’s just not true. We all have bad habits that may not be the best for keeping our hearts healthy. To improve the health of your heart slowly over time, check out these 3 foods that help to fight off heart disease and improve your overall heart health.


It has been suggested that oatmeal can help to fight bad cholesterol levels in the body. This is directly linked to overall heart health. The lower the bad cholesterol levels, the easier blood can flow to and from the heart, and the healthier you are able to keep your heart muscle. In order to add oatmeal, just eat a bowl at breakfast or add a bowl as a health snack. Just make sure you skip the sugary instant kind, and instead go straight for the old fashioned oats.


Nuts have multiple good traits that make it healthy for the heart. For starters, they are a healthy source of protein, which is directly linked to stronger muscles and lower body fat percentage. Nuts also contain healthy amounts of Omega 3 Fatty Acid. This supplement is excellent for the heart, brain, and overall health in the body. By getting more, you are increasing overall health of the body including the heart. To add nuts, sprinkle them on salads or eat them by the handful as a healthy snack.


Another great source of protein and Omega 3 Fatty Acid, fish is an excellent addition to a heart healthy menu. Along with being generally lower fat, fish has also shown to lower build up in the arteries. When build up occurs, it causes the heart to work much harder in order to get blood through the veins. With less build up, the heart can lessen its load, and you improve the longevity of its health and wellness.

Taking care of the heart is important, especiall since we literally can’t live without it!  While the task can seem overwhelming if you’re just starting out, making some small adjustments can go a long way. Use these foods to get you moving slowly and consistently toward better heart health.

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