3 Less Common Ways to Keep a Check on Your Mental Health

When it comes to mental health, you hear a lot of the same advice. See a counselor. Make Some Friends. Limit your time at work. While all of these are great tips for watching, maintaining, and even improving the state of your mental health, they aren’t the only ways. There are lots of ways to keep your mental health in check. Here are just 3 ways that are a little less common but super beneficial for the health of your mind.

Eat Well

This isn’t uncommon advice in general. It’s just that you are much more likely to see this on a list of advice for physical health. For your mind, however, mental health is just as important! Eating a well balanced ensures that your body is getting the nutrients that it needs. This is the same for your mind. Too much junk or too few vitamins can lead to mental health that is less than stellar. Eating well can also lead to a better self esteem since it can help to manage weight. When your self esteem is high, you are much more likely to have high and stable mental health.


This is another piece of advice that is similar to that above. It is much more common on a list of physical health advice. Exercise can also help you to maintain weight, so again, it can lead to higher and more stable self esteem. Exercise also produces a chemical in the brain that many people call the “happy chemical.” It is literally responsible for boosting your moods and keeping your spirits lifted. Lastly, exercise can give the body a new kind of stress. When you are mentally down, exercise takes the stress from the mind and puts it on the body. Since the body can only handle one kind of stress at a time, this gives the mind a much needed break.

Stress Relief Techniques

Relieving your body and mind of stress is an excellent way to stay mentally  healthy. There are numerous ways to get rid of stress. Find a hobby, visit with family, go on vacation, and get a pet are just a few. Other ways include taking a hot shower, getting a massage, and getting quality sleep. Whatever works for you, make time for it on a regular basis. You’ll soon find your mental health growing stronger.

Whatever it takes to get your mental health in check, do it! You need your mental health to be strong in order to maintain a positive and happy quality of life. Use these tips to keep you and your mind in great shape.

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