3 Pregnancy Pains That Make a Miserable Nine Months

For a lot of women, pregnancy is a joyous and even fun experience. These women literally glow throughout their entire nine months and make pregnancy look easy. For many other women, pregnancy is tough. It’s uncomfortable and sometimes even downright miserable. When pregnancy isn’t all you thought it would be, it can be a tough transition to make. While some pains throughout pregnancy are normal, take a look at these three pains that can make for a miserable nine months.


This doesn’t hit all pregnant women. In fact, just because it affects one pregnancy doesn’t mean it will affect another, even with the same woman. Sciatica pain happens when the baby or your changing body puts pressure on the sciatic nerve. This can cause the pain or tingling in the lower back and down the leg. Sometimes, this pain is slight, and other times, it can be debilitating. Either way, sciatica is a pain that can cause a lot of pain and suffering for pregnant women everywhere.

Sleep Problems

You probably thought that sleep problems only started after the baby arrives, but for many pregnant women, sleep becomes hard to come by long before then. The combination of a growing abdomen and hormone havoc, mean that your body often becomes too uncomfortable to get the sleep and rest it needs. A lack of sleep can cause its own set of problems including aches and pains, an inability to concentrate, and other painful side effects. Since baby is going to demand some serious energy and focus, a lack of sleep can become a problem if not corrected.

Hip Soreness

As the body grows, the hips spread accordingly in order to balance and hold the weight. This can cause some discomfort and even pain for women. This is unlikely to go away before the baby arrives, as the hips continue to spread in order to deliver the baby. After baby arrives, the hormones slow down and the pain will eventually diminish as the body adjusts back to normal.

Being pregnant is tough, but a lot of women find a bit of comfort and solace in chiropractic care. A chiropractor may be able to help by keeping the body in overall better health. They can’t stop your hormones or move the baby off of the sciatic nerve permanently, but they may be able to provide some relief by aligning the spine properly. Misalignments, or subluxations, can cause even further consistent pain for pregnant women. Aligning the spine can ease tensions and pain, and help the body stay balanced and healthier.

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