Creative Ways to Add Weights to Your Workout

One of the single most effective ways to challenge your body and up your workout is to add weights. Weights are phenomenal for giving your muscles and body an invigorating workout. The hard part is that weights can be intimidating. The weight room is sometimes scary, full of equipment that can look menacing. If you want to add weights, but are less than stoked about hitting up a weight room, look at these creative ways to add weights to your regular routine.

At the Gym

If you’re nervous about weights, but still workout at the gym, try the machine weights. Though not quite as effective as free weights, they will absolutely do your body a whole lot of good. There are also a lot of options when it comes to machine weights. Whatever you find in the free weight room, you are likely to find an equivalent in the machine weight room. Another great option at the gym is to hit up the handheld weight section. Adding handheld weights to your current routine will up the intensity level without too much trepidation.

At Home

If you like to workout at home, a great option is to buy small handheld weights for home use. You can buy these at plenty of retail stores, and the price is almost always affordable. If you don’t want to buy weights, you can also add weights with random things around the house. Canned goods weight a good 2-4 pounds depending on the contents. Filling milk jugs with water is a great way to get in some resistance. If you have a kid (especially a young one) pick them up and squat. You’ll be shocked at how heavy they feel and how much more effort it requires on your part.

Other Creative Options

If you’re a runner, you could try something simple like ankle weights. These add challenge to the legs, and yet they are as simple as strapping on and off. Resistance bands, in some instances, can take the place of weights. Of course, when all else fails, using your own bodyweight will be better than nothing. Squats, lunges, push-ups, and even chin-ups are done using only your own bodyweight as resistance.

You don’t have to become a gym rat in order to gain the good from weights. If you really want to challenge your body, however, you should definitely make them a part of your regular routine. Use these tips to creatively lift weights without the hassle.

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