Easy and Delicious Fruit Snacks to Satisfy a Sweet Tooth

Sometimes when I’m looking for a snack, I’m searching for something sweet. I want to satisfy a sweet tooth, but I don’t want to reach for a candy bar or a piece of cake. I want to keep it healthy, but I still want it to feel like a treat. If you ever feel like me, try eating fruit for a healthy but delicious snacking option. Here are 4 different fruits that can help to satisfy a sweet tooth while still keeping your healthy diet in check.


Watermelon always feels like a treat. It’s super sweet, which gives it that dessert appeal. Watermelon is also great for the body because it’s full of water. This helps keep you hydrated which can promote healthy skin, healthy digestion, and many other healthy benefits. If you really want a snack that feels like a dessert, watermelon should be somewhere near the top of the list.


Pineapple is another snack that can meet the needs of a sweet tooth. Pineapple isn’t too sweet, so it may appeal to those that aren’t keen on super sweets. Pineapple is also a hydrating fruit as it is full of juice. Pineapple juice can help heal a sore throat, packs some powerful antioxidants, and helps give your skin a healthy glow.


These are a great snack for everyday. They are inexpensive, unlike watermelon and pineapple, so they can be a good choice for the regular snack. Apples are full of water and fiber, which help to clean out your body of toxins and waste. They are also full of vitamins and minerals, and they are one of those fruits that you almost can’t eat too much of. While a lot of fruit is said to be eaten sparingly, apples are promoted for eating everyday. For snacking, they are an excellent option.


Blueberries are full of antioxidants. Antioxidants are known for repairing damaged cells and preventing damage on healthy cells in the body. Actually this doesn’t just apply to blueberries. All berries have a pretty hefty amount of antioxidants. Choose your favorite berry for some healthy and delicious snacking options.

Your snacks don’t have to be boring. Adding a little fruit to your regular snacking meu can help satisfy a sweet tooth and can still bring you some healthy benefits. Try any or all of these fruits to spice up your snacks without stacking up the calories.

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