Eating for Optimal Heart Health

a picture of a chiropractor shaking hands with a womanThe heart is one of those major organs that you just can’t live without. The heart gives us life. When it stops ticking, your body gets the signal that it’s time to shut it down. Because of the extraordinarily important task that the heart has, it’s massively important to keep it healthy. In order to do so, a proper diet and a healthy exercise routine should be part of your daily routine. For help with the proper diet, check out these heart healthy foods that, according to, are sure to keep your most precious organ in great health.

Lean Fish

Fish are on many healthy food lists, and the healthy heart list is no exception. If you want to keep a healthy heart, look to foods like salmon, mahi mahi, and tilapia. These fish have high amounts of Omega 3 Fatty Acids, which provide the heart with a very healthy boost. In addition to Omega 3, these fish are also an important source of lean protein. Lean protein can help you lose weight, build strong muscles, and have a stronger body overall.


This delicious breakfast food contains a certain kind of fiber that lowers your bad cholesterol levels. When cholesterol levels are too high, it forces the heart to work overtime. So, by keeping your cholesterol levels at a healthy level, you are giving your heart the rest it needs to pump longer and more efficiently. To benefit from this food, be careful how you dress it up. Too much butter or sugar can give you the opposite effects.


Whether these berries are blue, black, or bright red, berries are great for the body, especially for the heart. Berries contain extremely high amounts of antioxidants. These antioxidants protect the cells by keeping them free and clear of free radicals and carcinogens. As an added bonus, these sweet treats are also thought to lower blood pressure, which helps to keep the heart in better shape long term.


The real deal with water is that it promotes overall bodily health. When you don’t get enough water, your body and all of its functions begin to suffer. Dehydration is bad for digestion, circulation, kidney function, the skin, and of course, the heart as well. In order to protect your heart and really your whole body, make sure to drink plenty of H2O all day long.

Keeping your heart in shape is critical for your long term health, your quality of life, and your simple ability to stay alive. Try adding these foods to your regular menu in order to give your heart the boost it needs to keep pumping and keep you healthy and happy.

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