Hardcore Core Exercises

Your core muscles are super important to your body. A weak core can lead to a sore back, poor posture, a flabby stomach, and other negative side effects. Having a strong core means that you can hold yourself upright, perform better workouts, and you’ll feel better about your own self image. It’s said that everyone actually has a perfect core; it’s just that some of us have a little more fat on top than others. To work your core to build strong abs and a healthy body, check out these exercises designed for abdominal success.

Leg Lifts

Leg lifts are done on your back. Lie flat with your legs held straight and about 6 inches off of the floor. Lift them toward the ceiling slowly, and then lower them back down again slowly and under control. Try not to let your feet touch the ground in between. This will work all of your abdominal muscles, but especially those stubborn lower abs.


The plank actually works all of your muscles, but it is designed to work your core. All you do is hold yourself off of the floor on your hands and toes. Keep your back straight and pull your belly button toward your spine. Hold this for as long as possible before resting. You can also do this on each side to work the obliques. This one is tough, so make sure to watch your form to make the most of this move.


So, this one isn’t really for the core, but it will help all of those that need to burn a few layers of fat. Running is a great way to burn calories and fat, and it can also work all of the muscles in your body including your abs. A quick jog can help you build strength and definition along this very important region of your body.


Don’t forget this old, but good exercise. Crunches can work your abs from top to bottom. There are a lot of different kinds of crunches to choose from as well. Regular crunches, elbow to knee, circular crunches…these are just a few of your choices. You can also safely do these everyday, so you never have to miss a day of your abdominal workout.

A good core can keep you strong, hold you up, and protect your body from injury. Use these exercises to work your core, build strength, and work toward a fit body.

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