My Kid is a Couch Potato! Tips for Getting Your Kids Up and Moving

The end of summer may have you longing for just a few more days of fun and recreation. Just a few more days for family vacation. A few more days spent lounging by the pool. For others, it may mean something completely different. Summer is often the time that parents get to know their kids’ interests and dislikes.

You thought your child liked sports and activity? They did…but then summer rolled around and that television and those video games never looked so good. If your kid seemed to be quite the couch potato this summer, and you are ready to get them moving for the brand new school year, check out these tips for motivating your children to get up and moving.

Make It a Competition

If your kids are anything like my siblings and me when we were growing up, a healthy competition will really get the ball rolling. It could be a contest in weight loss, number of miles walked, days spent outside in activity, or any number of things. Sometimes, adding a little competitive spirit to the mix can really get your kids up and moving about.

Make It a Family Affair

Another great way to get your kids moving is to be the example and get them involved. Join a family gym. Take an evening walk together. Go to the park together. Play a sport like basketball, soccer, or baseball as a family. Sometimes, kids just need a little push and an example to follow. Doing active things as a family can get your family in shape and also create some wonderful family memories.

Involve Your Neighborhood

If you are in a friendly neighborhood, try to make it a big fun event. Get outside to ride bikes, play games, or similar activities, and as the neighbors come out, invite them along. A neighborhood activity has a certain pull to it. It is encouraging and fun and makes exercise a lot easier. If you don’t live in a neighborhood like this, invite close friends, family members, or get involved in a community event like church.

Reward Them

Ok, to some, this may also double as bribing, but in all honesty though, providing a little incentive can do wonders. Your child wants those brand new really expensive jeans? Fine…but you have to keep up an exercise routine for a month first. They want tickets to a concert? Ok, but only after they show how responsible they are by leading a healthy lifestyle. Adding healthy and reasonable incentives can give your children the motivation they need to stay active.

Getting your kids out of a sedentary lifestyle can be tough. It is really easy to sit, watch tv, and forget about being active. Use these tips to get your family moving and in great health.

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