The Best Exercises for Expectant Mothers

Pregnancy is supposed to be one of the best and most exciting times of your life. Unfortunately, however, it can also be one of the most painful. With all of the changes that your body is going through, aches and pains are pretty much inevitable. Luckily, one of the best treatments for pain during pregnancy is something that anyone can do. Research has shown that exercise is a great way to keep pain away and also to keep your ever changing body in good shape. Check out these exercises, which doctors claim are some of the best for pregnant women.


Walking is a great way for anyone to get in shape, but it is especially good for pregnant women. It is low impact, so it won’t put too much strain on your already taxed joints and muscles. It also helps you build your cardio, which you’ll definitely need for childbirth. Walking can be done throughout pregnancy with a doctor’s approval. That makes it one of the best ways to stay in shape through the whole 9 months.


Swimming is great for pregnancy because water takes the pressure off of the body. If you think about how your body feels in the water, you’ll likely remember that it feels buoyant and lighter. With your increasingly heavy body, feeling lighter even for a brief period of time can give you some much needed relief. This is a great way to relax any tight muscles and release tension in the joints. If you are not keen on swimming, another great option is to try water aerobics. You’ll still get the benefits of the water, but don’t have to swim if that’s not your strength.


Yoga is good for the body all of the time, but during pregnancy it can be extremely beneficial. Yoga, specifically prenatal yoga, can help you to lengthen and stretch the muscles, release tension, and teach you very helpful breathing techniques that you can use later in labor. To ensure that you don’t injure yourself or your baby, look for an instructor that is certified to work with pregnant women.

Staying in shape while pregnant might be difficult, but it is not impossible. It might take a little extra effort, but at the end of it all, you’ll be grateful for your persistence. Not only will you make labor easier on yourself, but your body will be better equipped to take care of baby and yourself afterwards.

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