Tips for Happy, Healthy Hair

As a culture, we are pretty obsessed with hair. Just think about the numerous products, dyes, and styles that we have to choose from. Admit it. We all want some sort of lustrous mane. While some are blessed with beautiful tresses, others are not quite so lucky. If you fall into the latter group, there may be something you can do to get closer to the hair of your dreams. Check out these tips to improve the health of your hair and get the locks you’ve been wanting.

Quit Washing So Much

I know this sounds counterproductive or even unclean, but washing too much is bad for your hair. Unless you are getting really dirty everyday, there really isn’t any need to wash every single night. Every other day or, for some, every 3 days is enough to get your hair clean without over drying it. Washing it too much can strip your natural oils, leading to dry, brittle hair in the long run. If you simply can’t stand it, try a dry shampoo that can help fight off oiliness without a complete wash and dry.

Trim Often

This can be frustrating, especially when you are trying to grow your hair out long. It’s really important to trim off split ends. Trimming off the damaged parts helps keep further damage at bay, but it also makes your hair look and feel healthier. It doesn’t have to be a dramatic cut to gain these benefits. A regular trim of a quarter to a half of an inch can be all it takes to make your hair look healthier.

Easy on the Product

While you might need some product to get the look you are after, too much can weigh down your hair and keep it too flat. One method is to use as little product as possible. Another great tip is to shop products until you find the one that works for your hair. Since everyone’s hair is different, everyone reacts to different products differently as well. If you can, go without. If that’s just not an option for you, don’t be afraid to try a bunch of products until settling on one that works well for you.

If you’re looking for great hair, look no further than these tips that will enhance your natural hair. With some planning and some tender love and care, you can have the luscious locks you never thought were possible.

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