Vegetables That You Should Eat Way More Than You Currently Do

When it comes to veggies, we all know that consuming them on a regular basis is a good idea. Many of us even strive to do so. The hard part? Finding new ways to enjoy these super healthy parts of our diets! Most of us tend to get in a bit of a vegetable rut. We eat the same vegetables in the same ways over and over and over again. Once you get in this rut, it can be pretty difficult to get out of it. If you would like to add a little variety to your vegetable diet, check out these veggie options that you should add to the menu way more often.


This leafy green is often touted as a healthy superfood! It is absolutely full of vitamins. It will give your immune system a boost, help to clean out toxins in the body, and help you stay in great shape. If you want to add more kale, try popping it into your salad with lettuce and baby spinach. The mix of leafy greens will make the salad delicious as well as healthy. You can also mix it up with fruits and veggies as a shake for breakfast or a healthy snack. Finally, try drizzling the pieces with olive oil, sprinkling with sea salt, and baking for a few minutes to make some extremely healthy chips.


This is one of those foods that is the butt of many jokes. We know it is good for us, but we tend to skip it as much as we can. Broccoli, however, has been thought of as a cancer fighting vegetable for years. Those that consume it regularly have been shown to have lower cases of bladder and breast cancer. To add broccoli in a tasty way, try steaming or grilling this veggie. You can also chop it up and sprinkle with cheese to make a delicious side dish. Some even find creative ways to make a broccoli soup. When it comes to eating broccoli, there are a lot more delicious options than you think.


This is a really healthy choice that helps to clean out the body. It can give both the kidneys and the liver a boost in emptying toxins and waste. To make asparagus delicious, you have so many options! You can pickle it for an easy snack. This might not be the healthiest way, but it is great for snacking once you get accustomed to the taste. It is also great drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt and baked for a crunchy treat. You can also pop these on the grill for a savory side to any main dinner.

Eating vegetables shouldn’t have to be boring. Though it can be easy to stick to the same old side options day in and day out, get a little creative and find some new veggies with some new preparations. This can change your whole outlook to eating healthy and maintaining a well balanced diet.

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