Why Watching the Scale May Actually Work in Your Favor

It’s highly likely that you’ve rad about or even heard about new and effective ways to stay healthy, especially in regards to losing weight, then you have probably heard that the scale is pretty much the enemy. Some people even advise that throwing it away for good is the best practice. While this can seem like a Godsend when you are in the midst of losing weight, is it really the best advice? Is it really best to go without the scale? While not weighing certainly has its advantages, there are some valid arguments in the other direction. Read on to find out why weighting all of the time might be helpful in losing weight.

It Helps You Catch a Few Pounds

Unless you have sort of medical condition, you don’t gain 50 pounds all at once. Instead, we tend to gain a pound here and a couple of pounds there. Over time, it adds up until suddenly we are 30, 50, or even more overweight. If you step on the scale often, it might help you notice a change before it gets out of control. Though a little fluctuation from day to day, or even from hour to hour is completely normal, any consistent change might need a little attention. And let’s face it, it is a lot easier to lose 3 or 4 pounds than it is to lose 50.

It Helps You Keep It Off

Even if watching the scale is not beneficial for losing weight, it has been proven to be effective in keeping the weight off longer. In a study recently conducted at Cornell, researchers found that between 40% and 100% of weight that was lost returns within the first year of maintenance. When those in the study weighed themselves daily, their regain of the weight previously lost was significantly less. The thought is that keeping an eye on your progress over long periods of time can help keep accountable and motivated.

It Encourages Minor Adjustments

Weight tends to get out of control without our really noticing it. With frequent weigh-ins, you can adjust your daily routine without completely overhauling your life. It works as a bit of a check and balance. For example, when I step on the scale for 3 days in a row and notice my weight is 3 pounds heavier than normal, I start looking for the culprit. Though it is occasionally something out of my control, I can generally pinpoint it to eating too many sweets, adding sodas, or some other unhealthy habit. Weighing often allows you to take note of these habits, and then nip them in the bud quickly.

Though you probably don’t want to weight 4 or 5 times a day, adding a consistent weigh in every day might actually be helpful. Just remember to weight at the same time and on the same scale, and leave a little wiggle room for normal healthy variations. If you do this, you can gain the benefits of a healthy weigh in schedule without going over the top.

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