3 At Home Workouts: Are They Worth the Hype?

When it comes to working out, we all have the same excuses. Most of them revolve around time. We have too many other obligations. We are too tired at the end of the day to drag ourselves to the gym. This is where those very famous and very intriguing at home workouts come into play. We see them all over the television. They promise amazing results in a record amount of time. But, do they really work? Should you bite the bullet and buy one of these infamous workouts? Let’s take a look at 3 of the most famous at home workouts on the market and see whether they are worth the hype.


By this point, there are a few different varieties of this workout, but they all revolve around the same idea. Weights. This dvd is 90 days of weighted workouts along with a healthy diet plan. It claims to slim you down, sculpt the muscles, and give you a strong, well built, frame. Does it work? Yes! If followed correctly, this workout series can change your body and get you in great shape.


It is said that anyone that does this workout is insane. That is because it is high intensity and definitely tough! This workout consists of 60 days of high intensity interval training and a healthy diet plan. You will lose inches, work every muscle in the body without equipment, and build some really great cardio. Does it work? Yes! If followed correctly, the claims are true. You’ll most likely lose weight, drop inches, and build cardio.

Brazilian Butt

This one is beneficial for anyone wanting to improve their derriere. This includes specific moves that target the rear to lift, tone, and tighten the area. The workouts are very bottom half heavy, so anyone with bad knees or hips would need to proceed with caution. It also includes a healthy meal plan to help shed pounds. Does it work? Yes! If you follow the plan as is, it can lift and tone the derriere and help you shed pounds.

The Common Denominator

You may have noticed that all of these workouts can work. With some persistence and dedication, any of these workouts (or many others!) can help you slim down and get fit. So, what is it that is really working? It’s actually very simple. It is a combination of sticking with it and altering your diet. All of these require you to workout for a set number of days and eat a healthy meal plan. Whether you choose these workouts or another, as long as you stick with it and eat a well balanced diet, you can lose weight, build stamina, and sculpt the body. Should you buy these at home workouts? If you like them and want to give them a go, go ahead! If you want to try another route, that’s ok too. Just use the same method of persistence and healthy eating, and you’re likely to get similar results.

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