3 Distasteful Mistakes You’re Making With Your Food Journal

Do you keep a food journal? Many of us are advised to keep one, whether it be from a nutritionist, healthy friend or your chiropractor. While food journals can be great, you could be writing yours up all wrong which doesn’t allow you to get the best results. Check out the following great ways you can improve your journal so that you can lose more pounds and feel even better.


You’re Not Writing Down Your Portion Sizes

Although you may be writing down what you’re eating, you may not be writing down just how much of it your shoving down your gullet. If you’re eating well but still not losing weight, this may be due to the fact that you’re not writing down how much of that snack you were eating. I remember I used to eat almonds before my lunch time meal so I would keep fuller longer and eat less during lunch. But what I had neglected to mention in my food journal was that I wasn’t just eating a regular portion size. I was eating about three times than I should be. Once you get specific on how much you’re eating, you can see where your diet lacks.

You’re Not Writing Down How You Feel Before Eating Your Meals

Sometimes when we eat junk it’s food because we’re feeling upset, anxious or emotional. It helps to write down how we feel before we eat so that we can associate the kinds of foods we’re choosing with our emotions. Maybe you’re craving cookies and donuts,but this is because your roommate won’t listen to what you have to say or you got in a fight with your mother. Whatever it is, it helps to know the correlation so that you can be sure to stay away from certain foods when you’re not feeling your best.

You’re Not Writing Down How You Feel After Eating Your Food

It can be very helpful to write down how you’re feeling after you eat. If you notice you feel lethargic, anxious and down on yourself after you finished eating your second helping of fried chicken, you may be more inclined not to overindulge in that junk next time because you won’t want to put your mind and body through that turmoil once again.


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