3 Excuses We Need To Stop Using ASAP

In this busy day and age, many of us tend to put our dreams and health on hold. But it’s time we stop. Studies show that when we pursue what is truly important to us and focus on what makes our soul come alive, we are much happier and therefore healthier. What is the point in working a great deal or ignoring your dreams if it doesn’t result in happiness?  Check out these 3 excuses that we need to stop using ASAP so we can start living our best lives.


1. “I’ll Do It Later”

It’s time we stop putting off our dreams. If you don’t have a bucket list it’s time to make one. Bucket lists allow us to really think about our deepest desires. It can inspire us and bring us to a new level of happiness. Research has found that having specific goals and going after them can boost our happiness. So whether your goals are taking a trip to Europe or spending more time with your friends, don’t put it off. Procrastination isn’t all that great for you, anyway.

2. “I Can’t Take Time Off”

The moment you allow work to take over your life is the moment your happiness levels go downhill. This also creates work burnout. We need to make time to vacation, whether it’s for the weekend or for a week. When yo do take time off, remember to unplug. Get rid of your phone, don’t check work emails and just be present in the moment. Bonus: you’ll be much more productive when you do get back to work.

3. “It Costs Too Much”

When the opportunity of a lifetime comes along, it’s worth shelling out money for. Research has shown that we are happier when we put our money toward experiences instead of material possessions. Your weekly visit to the nail salon or monthly clothing spree may seem harmless , but your money should be going to experiences that will make you happier.



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