3 Simple Ways To Live More In The Moment

Oh wouldn’t it be great to live in the moment at all times? When I think back, the happiest times in my life have been when I am soaking in the moment- my thoughts aren’t elsewhere, I am completely focused on the present. As we grow up, we may feel that it’s harder to live in the present. But there are some simple tactics we can use to get ourselves back to where we want to be. Check these out:

walking dog

1. The Business Of Multi-Tasking

If you can do one thing at a time, only do that one thing. If you have to do more things at once, think about all of the things you’re working on and drop the one that you are least focused on. This can help you to be more mindful of your tasks and help you to pump out quality work. Multi-tasking doesn’t work for the most part, since all you do is stress yourself out and do less well than you would have been doing otherwise.

2. When Someone In Speaking To You

If someone is speaking to you and you notice that you are only partially listening to what they are saying, then you need to take a breath and focus on them completely. People need to feel validated and trust me, they can sense when your heart’s not in it. So look them in the eye, put yourself in their shoes and pay attention to how they’re feeling.

3. When Walking Your Dog

If you’re walking your dog as you are on your cellphone, you’re not giving your dog, or your surroundings, your full attention. There is time for chatter and there is time for quality moments in the three dimensional world. So get off of your phone and appreciate the wonderful animal that is in your presence. Take in your surroundings and be thankful that you are able to savor one of the simpler pleasures in life.


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