3 Smart Ways For Women To Travel Solo

If you want to take a solo trip and you’re a woman, know that there are safe and fun ways to do so. With the help of Kinga Philipps, host of the Travel Channel’s The Wild Side with Kinga Philips, you can be on your way to a great adventure!. Here are Philipps’ great tips:


1. Look For Great Deals

Money is a big barrier for many of us, but luckily there are tricks we can use to snag great deals. Consider setting fare alerts with websites and apps such as AirfareWatchdog, Hipmuck and Hitlist. These devices will alert you as soon as a deal pops up. If your schedule has the flexibility to plan a trip anytime, research when the high and low travel seasons are at different destinations.  “A week before or after high season, you can still get the same great weather, minus the cost, when prices can often triple,” says Philipps. But if you can only travel at a certain time, it can be very beneficial to call up the airline directly because you can find great deals that you cannot find online.

2. Pinpoint Destinations That Are Favorable To Women

Women can feel safe and have a wonderful time in many locations. Philips recommends visiting Australia, because the locals are helpful and welcoming. “Another guaranteed great time is Italy—just be firm with the gents who will follow you around and shower you with compliments!”

3. Research The Destination

While research is needed whenever you visit a new location, it is especially important when you are traveling solo. “Research everything from customs and traditions you should be aware of, make a mental map of the region so you always have your bearings, gather public transportation options and important phone numbers,” says Philipps. It can also be beneficial to research logistics such as how to get from the airport to the island, so you’re not all stressed out when you arrive.


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