3 Ways to Sneak in Exercise During the Back to School Madness

Back to school season is always more than a little busy. Getting back into the swing of things takes some time, and it can be stressful and all consuming in the meantime. During these busy times of year, our workout routines and personal health often see a little less attention. If you are not careful, it can throw your entire routine out of whack and mess up your progress. To keep your health in tip top shape and your health progress on the right track through the hustle and bustle of back to school, check out these tips for sneaking in a little exercise between the fuss.

Break It Up

One great option is to break up your workouts into little bitty sessions. Who says that your workout has to be 45 minutes straight? Instead, try 10 minute in the morning, 5 minutes at lunch, and 10 minutes at the end of the day. You may not feel like it is really doing any good, but it will add up over time and will most certainly keep you from abandoning your progress all together. When you can, pick your old routine back up. In the meantime, however, this method can keep you going through the hectic schedule.

After School Habits

Another great way to get in some exercise is to make it part of the after school routine. Pick up your kids, go straight to the park, gym, or walking track, and take a stroll as a family. After a little bit, this will become habit and your kids will be unlikely to let you skip it. You can even take your family pet or do this with your child’s friend’s family. The more people you involve, the more people there are to hold you accountable when you feel like skipping.

Television Fitness

A lot of families’ “together” time is spent in front of the television after homework and dinner are out of the way. This is fine, but if you want to stay in shape, try making this together time television fitness time. When commercials come on, get up as a family and perform some sort of workout. You could also pop in an at home workout DVD and do it together. You might be surprised at how much fun this can really be for all involved. You won’t be adding any stress or time to your day, and instead will be using the time you do have in a productive manner.

Going back to school is stressful, busy, and one of the most hectic times of year. Don’t let your health be a side effect of the busy season. Use these tips to still get in your exercise without stressing or rushing. The benefits to your health will be far reaching and last all year long.

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