3 Zen Ways For You To Feel Peaceful

We all want to feel good, be anxiety free, feel peaceful and joyful. But sometimes that just isn’t our reality. While there are some life situations where we are not going to feel good and that’s okay, many others offer moments for us to feel joyful and it’s all in the way we think and behave. Check out the following information to help you to thrive more.


What To Do When Someone Is Being Hateful Toward You

This is an instance that can definitely make many people angry and leave them feeling anxious. But the trick is not to let it. You can do this by realizing that people who are hateful towards you just aren’t happy. This can help you to conjure up some compassion for them and remove yourself from the negative comments they say or things they do. We all yearn to be happy and it’s sad that some people aren’t and that’s why they’re taking their negative feelings out on you. It also helps to say, “I forgive you,” out loud. This can send a signal to your brain that it’s okay to let go of certain situations and set yourself free.

How To Stay Motivated

The best way to stick to self-improvement is to start with an intention as soon as you get up in the morning. You can do this by picking something that you want to work on for the day. Whether it’s being nicer to yourself or being there for a friend. If your goal is to be a more nurturing friend, make a goal in the morning that you will call up your friend and see how she is doing. You will listen to her words and focus all of your energy on her. By focusing on your goal first thing in the morning, you make it much more likely that you will make it happen.

Learn How To Say “No”

Have you ever heard the phrase, “no is a complete sentence?” Well regardless of whether or not you have, there is great reason to believe in the phrase because of its deep meaning. We can be so hard on ourselves. We respecting other people’s opinions and feelings while totally neglecting our own. Why do we do this? We matter as much as anybody else. By saying “no” to others when they ask too much of us or when we don’t want to go someplace with them, we are setting ourselves up for proper self-care.

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