4 Easy Ways To Run Faster

Are you a slow runner?  I know I am.  So I decided to research ways to run faster.  So far the following tactics have improved my speed, stamina, and overall health.  Try some of them to see if they can help you run more effectively.

1. Number Of Steps

Did you know that faster and more efficient runners tend to take more steps?  So try increasing the number of steps you take.   This is especially useful information for people with long legs, who tend to take longer steps.  


2. Use A Treadmill

A treadmill can be a great resource for you when trying to run faster.  If you put your treadmill on a specific setting, it forces you to keep its pace, otherwise you’d fall off.   Start out on your treadmill at your normal running speed for about five minutes and then generally increase your speed little by little.  Try to set a time goal for yourself and use your treadmill to help you get there.  So if you want to run at a faster pace for 20 minutes, time yourself and make it happen.

3. Join A Group

You can join a running group to keep you on your toes and help you to work hard.  Link up with some of the fastest members in the group and follow their lead.  You can even ask them for advice.  Talking and bonding with others while running can help you forget how hard you’re working and allow a faster speed to become easier for you.  It also helps to have a supporter running with you.  

4. Arms

Did you know that when running, your arms and legs mirror each other.  So if you want to run faster, don’t just simply focus on your legs.  Pump your arms at a fast-pace too.  Make sure that when you’re doing this, your elbows are pointing directly to the back and not to the side, so that you’re getting the best workout.

Visiting a chiropractor regularly is great for making sure your body is properly aligned after a run.


Remember to consult your physician or chiropractor before taking any health advice.

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