4 Foods for Strong Bones

Your bones don’t really get enough attention. While we occasionally think about keeping our bones strong and healthy, we generally forget the importance of this part of the body. Your bones are your structure; they give us our shape and hold us up. Without healthy bones, we are likely to suffer in posture, strength, and see an increase in injury and pain. How do we keep our bones healthy? Is there really a way to boost their strength? Luckily, the answer to this is an astounding yes! By giving special attention to your diet, you can give your bone health a significant boost. Check out these 4 foods to add to your diet in order to keep your bones healthy and strong.


You may have already known this one. Milk is one of the more famous ways to get strong bones and teeth. What is it about milk that makes it bone friendly? Milk is packed full of calcium, which is the most essential nutrient in bone health. Along with a healthy dose of calcium, milk also provides the body with Vitamin D. Since this vitamin is found in very few foods, milk is an excellent option to add to your diet. To add a little milk to your diet, just grab a cup in the morning or before bed. You could also make a breakfast smoothie, add it to dry cereal, or other similar options.


According to an article posted on health.com, these little fish are great for your bones! Much like milk, sardines contain surprisingly high levels of both calcium and Vitamin D. If you are not currently a fan of sardines, then they might be difficult to add to your diet. They take some getting used to. If you can manage it, however, they are a great option for keeping your bones healthy and strong.


Who knew this deliciously healthy fish could protect your bones? Salmon is one of the few foods with high levels of Vitamin D. In fact, it has so much Vitamin D, you could technically eat a serving of fish and get all of the Vitamin D that you need for the day. To add salmon to your diet, grill it up for lunch or dinner once or twice a week.

Leafy Greens

Dark leafy greens, especially spinach, contain very high amounts of calcium. Eating this in a salad or even by itself can give you approximately 25% of the calcium that you need for the day. Eating this in your salad at lunch and dinner could give your bones a little protection and a healthy boost in strength.

Our bones are more important than we realize. Especially as we age, and our bones lose some of their natural density, taking care of their health becomes more important than ever. Add these foods to your regular menu to keep your bones healthy for years to come.

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