5 Ways to Make Exercise Fun

One of the best ways to make exercise a habit is to make it fun. While some people love to get moving in the gym, others might feel more like fun and exercise never belong in the same sentence. If you fall into the latter group, here are some ways to help make your fitness routine a little more fun so it has a better chance of lasting for the long haul.

Find a friend. Almost everything is easier if you don’t have to do it alone. Ask some friends to start working out with you. You can go for walks or jogs together or find a fund home dvd. It doesn’t matter what you do, the company is much more likely to keep you motivated. If you hate to exercise, then you can look forward to the time with your friends instead, so you’ll be killing two birds with one stone.

Find a class. Some people hate exercise because they’ve never really found a workout that they like. Try joining a local gym so that you can give the classes a try. There are classes for all sorts of personalities…yoga, pilates, floor aerobics, zumba, and many more. If you’re willing to give a few a try, then you’re likely to find something that suits your fancy.

Change it up. If you do the same thing everyday, no wonder you hate exercise! Try changing it up to keep it interesting and to keep yourself motivated. There are so many ways to get in some exercise – jog, walk, a class, weights, biking, hiking – the list is miles long! Keep your workout changing regularly to challenge your body, but also to challenge your mind.

Make a goal. If you’re only exercising because you’re “supposed to,” you might be tempted to skip a session here and there. If you give yourself a goal, however, you’re way more likely to stick with it. Try a small and attainable goal. Five pounds by the next holiday? Fitting into those cute jeans at your favorite store? These goals are great motivators to keep you on your toes.

Reward yourself. It’s important to give yourself some credit when credit is due. If you reach a goal, reward yourself! Go buy those jeans, get yourself a massage, whatever you like. Just try not to reward yourself with food so you don’t undo all of that hard work.

If you hate exercise, you’re not alone. With some preparation and a little practice, it’s possible to find a workout that suits you and keeps you motivated. Try these tips to make exercise a staple in your routine and in your life for good.

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