Could It Be Healthier To Be Single This Valentine’s Day?

heartsSingle this Valentine’s Day?  This could be a good thing.  You may feel sad that you’re not sharing this lovey-dovey day with a romantic partner, but you can still have an amazing time!   You don’t have to go through all of the stress and anxiety that comes with picking out a gift, planning something romantic, or compromising on an activity with your partner. 

I know it can be tough to be single on Valentine’s Day because of all of the hype on TV and in stores, but if you forget about all of that you’re left with some time to treat yourself and do whatever it is that you want.  It’s not so bad to be single, it just means that all of your energy can be spent on you!

One Word: Chocolate

Chocolate is everywhere on V-day. Because of this it’s cheaper than than ever before.  You can stock up on the yummy stuff and not have to share it with anyone. Yum!

Take a Load Off

You can use this day to veg out and watch your favorite show on Netflix, and you don’t have to compromise what to watch.  You can also set up a fun day with friends where you pig out and laugh your heads off.

Spend Less Cash

You don’t have to spend money on a gift for your significant other.  Instead, you can buy yourself something awesome!  

No Drama

Did you ever notice that ironically on Valentine’s Day couples tend to bicker and fight with each other more?  But not you!  You can have a stress free night enjoying your own company and staying in with comfy pjs and slippers if you desire.

Single people should look forward to Valentine’s Day and think of it as a day to unwind and be yourself!  

Remember to always consult your physician or chiropractor before taking any health adive.

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