Crazy Health Benefits Of Running

Are you a runner? Some of us don’t run, either because we get winded easily, or because we just never took an interest. But the health benefits of running are really tremendous. Running may be a lot easier than you think. Think about it- everyone knows how to run, and knowing the health benefits of it will make you more inclined and motivated to do it on a regular basis.

It’s Great For Your Heart


When you run, your legs squeeze blood up toward your heart, then the blood has to jump right back down; giving your heart a great workout. The faster you run, the better workout you will get and the healthier and stronger your heart becomes.

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Running is great for your knees because it makes your joints stronger; increasing the flow of oxygen and getting rid of toxic chemicals in the body. Running can also protect you from getting osteoporosis which is is caused by being overweight. Runners are normally at a healthy weight, so osteoporosis isn’t an issue for them.

Less Stress

Who doesn’t want less stress? Running boosts endorphins:the feel-good chemical that helps us to relax and be jolly. Running can help fight against anxiety and depression, partly because it can allow people to think more clearly and gets rid of stress and tension in the joints. Running is also recommended by many mental health professionals to combat not only clinical depression, but drug and alcohol addiction as well.

Helps You To Live Longer

Running can decrease the risk of a host of diseases. It can prevent one from getting disabilities, and can significantly lower the risk of death. It also lowers inflammation in the body and aids our memory and learning functions.

Remember to consult your physician or chiropractor before taking any health advice.

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