Easy Ways to Burn Calories at Home

Have you ever heard that the hardest part about working out is the first step? This is so true! Working out is a good intention that many people have, but actually getting out of the bed and through the front door is the hardest part. For those who find it hard to make it out of the house to get in a workout, here are some simple ways to get in good cardio in the comfort of your own home.

Jumping jacks. Remember these? You probably did a lot of these in school as a kid. Jumping jacks are a great way to get your blood moving and your muscles burning. Set a timer and continue jumping until time runs out. You’ll get in a lot more jumping jacks than you anticipate, and by the end, you’ll be feeling the burn in your arms, legs, and lungs.

Lunges. Lunges are a great way to work and shape the legs. The only precaution that you should take is to protect your knees, especially if you already have trouble with them. A great bonus for doing lunges is that they can be done multiple ways. If you get bored with regular lunges, do them backwards, sideways, and even in a curtsy. The bottom line is that lunges are going to hurt…a lot…but they’re also going to work!

Bicep curls. Use small weights to get in some arm training. If you don’t have small weights, you can get creative with canned goods or milk jugs. Whatever you use, get in some reps of bicep curls, arm circles, tricep extensions, and rows for sculpted arms. To keep it from getting boring, change up which arm exercise you’re doing each day.

Quick feet and line hops. These are what a lot of people imagine when you think about athletes. For quick feet, you stay in a slightly squatted position and move your feet as quickly as you can. For line hops, you basically do the same thing except over a line (real or imaginary) on the ground, essentially “hopping” back and forth over the line. This will work your legs, and will also keep your cardio and heart rate up in the fat burning zone.

If you can’t seem to make it out of your front door to get your workout in, you can still burn your daily calories. With these easy, in-home exercises, you’ll have no more excuses for skipping your workout. You can get in your cardio without ever leaving your home, keeping your body healthy and fit for the long haul.


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