Escape Runner’s Knee With Chiropractic Care

Running has many benefits. Weight loss, incredible cardio, flexibility, and the infamous runner’s high are just a few of the perks of running. Running also has its pitfalls. One of the biggest negative side effects of running is runner’s knee. Runner’s knee is no joke and causes a great deal of pain for a great number of people. Take a look at these facts about runner’s knee, followed by how a trip to the chiropractor may help you get rid of it.

What Is Runner’s Knee?

This is actually a general term used for soreness in or around the knee that is the result of long-term running. It happens differently for each person, but is usually a result of the kneecap rubbing against another part of the knee, be it a bone, a piece of cartilage, or a ligament. It may also be caused by a lack of fluid in the area, which means your knee joint doesn’t get the proper cushioning. It generally manifests as pain, swelling, or a grinding or popping sensation in the joint.

Does It Happen To Everyone?

Just like any other medical condition, runner’s knee doesn’t happen to everyone. If you’re a runner, it could very well happen to you, but it could also happen if you’re not a runner. The knees get a lot of action. We use them for virtually every kind of movement: Walking, jumping, running, bending … you name it. There is no way of knowing whether it is more likely to happen to you, so it’s important to listen to your body’s cues when it comes to pain and discomfort.

How Does Chiropractic Care Help?

The actual cause of runner’s knee varies, but three of the most common causes are overuse, misalignment, and weakness. With chiropractic care, the spine is placed into its proper alignment. Through a properly aligned spine, other parts of the body are more likely to stay in proper alignment as well. A healthy spine also means that when the feet strike the ground, it’s less likely to jar your body back out of place, as your proper body alignment will lead to better running form. With regular care, you can get your body in shape and keep it that way.

Where Can I Get Care?

Finding quality care is one of the most important parts of a trip to the chiropractic clinic. You want a place with chiropractors who care about your wellness and happiness. If you need such a place, try The Joint Chiropractic. Not only will you find people who want you to feel your best at all times, but you’ll also find walk-in appointments and an affordable pricing plan. No worries with busy schedules or insurance companies. Just walk in and get help for your runner’s knee or any other ailment starting today.

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