Foods to Fill You Up

One of the worst feelings in the world is being hungry when you’re trying to lose weight. When that stomach growls, it suddenly feels like you’ll never reach your goal weight. If you want to lose weight without feeling like you are starving, there might be something you can try. Check out these foods that can make you feel full without making you feel like you’re eating your weight in calories.


You can’t say enough good about water. Water makes you feel very full, so drinking enough can keep you from eating too much. Try drinking a glass before your meal. Then, when you’re thinking about a second helping, drink another glass of water. You’ll likely feel fuller faster and for longer, and you’ll gain the very healthy benefits that water brings to the table. Clear skin, healthy digestion, and a hydrated body are just a few of the other great benefits that you can enjoy just from filling up your cup.


Filling up on fruit can help you stay full while satisfying a sweet tooth. This is a great healthy option for an alternative dessert. If you really want to feel full, try fruit like watermelon, oranges, and apples. The best part? You can eat a lot of fruit without any negative side effects.


You would think that lettuce would make you hungry, but that’s not the case. The good thing about lettuce is that you can eat a large amount and still stay healthy. Lettuce is extremely low calorie, so fill up as much as you want. Add a salad to each meal, or make a very large salad in place of a meal. You’ll feel fuller longer, flush out your digestive tract, and keep your calorie count to a healthy minimum.


Beans are full of fiber and protein. Both of these help you feel fuller longer. Eating a healthy amount of beans is a great way to keep your calorie count down, but still keep your stomach feeling fuller. To make this work for you, add a small amount of beans to each dinner. You’ll feel fuller and have a healthy side dish to boot.

If you’re trying to lose weight, don’t despair! You don’t have to starve yourself or listen to a growling tummy all day long. Try using these foods to keep you feeling full while still helping you to drop the pounds that you’ve been working on. With these foods, a healthy body and life could be just around the corner.

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