How to Beat Post Workout Soreness

There is nothing like a really great workout. You know the kind. It’s when you can just feel the sweating dripping off of your face and can hear the fat crying with despair. The only bad part about these workouts? The post workout sore body.

A sore body after working out can be the worst. Not only does it make you uncomfortable, but it can discourage your workout the next day. In order to beat the post workout soreness, take a look at these tips.

Ice, Ice Baby

After a workout, it is normal and natural for your muscles and body to swell a little bit. For the most part, this is completely unnoticeable. Even though you probably won’t notice it, however, doesn’t mean it won’t cause some discomfort. To head this soreness off, go ahead and get some ice on it before the soreness rears its ugly head. Applying some ice packs, or even jumping in an ice bath are great ways to beat the soreness.

Stretch It Out

Stop skipping the stretch. Seriously, stop it. So many people skip the stretch and jump straight to the workout because they think the stretch doesn’t matter. It so definitely matters. To avoid as much post workout soreness as possible, stretch both before your workout as well as after. This can help to alleviate stiffness, soreness, as well as help to prevent injury. A simple, short, but effective stretch is all it takes to warm your body up and cool it down pre and post workout.

Over the Counters

Of course, another great option is to simply take an over the counter. Though you wouldn’t want to do this long term, taking something like Tylenol or Ibuprofen short term can make a big difference. These medications can help to reduce inflammation and general pain. If you use this method, pay attention to how often you are popping the little pills. If you are doing it all day everyday, it might be time to look at a different pain management option. If it is an occasional helper, though, feel free to get a little relief until the soreness works itself out.

Post workout soreness doesn’t have to get the best of you. Some simple preparation might make all of the difference. Use these tips to prepare for your next post workout soreness, and to beat it so that you can keep working out pain free.

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