How Women Can Burn More Fat, Look More Fit

As a woman, I’ve never met a fellow woman who didn’t want to lose a few pounds. I even met a woman who was working as a model full time who expressed interest in losing a few vanity pounds. Whether it is the pressure of the media or our own personal wishes that makes us want to be perfect, losing weight is a high priority of women everywhere. While you can suffer through diet after diet or join the newest workout fad, there are some tried and true methods you can use to help you feel more fit. Take a look at these tips for burning more fat and feeling fit in your own body.

Increase Muscle Mass

Women have more fat than men, it’s true. And most of the time, men have more muscle. If you want to lose a bit of fat, take a cue from the men and work those muscles. Muscles not only insist on burning more calories, but they give your body a more sculpted look. You will enjoy being stronger, burning more fat, and finding awesome definition just through the implementation of adding weights to your workout. And for those who are worried about bulking up, stop worrying now! Unless you are adding massive amounts of protein or testosterone to your routine, you can enjoy the benefits without any of the negative side effects of “bulking like a man.”

Go for Body Fat Percentage

No matter how badly you would like to “lose the fat on your butt,” you really can’t spot reduce. Instead, work on lowering your overall body fat percentage. This can be done through lifting weights, doing regular cardio, and generally taking in less calories than you expend. This method will not happen overnight, but don’t get impatient. It takes serious dedication and willpower to get your body in the shape that you really want, so stick with it!

Work With Your Body, Not Against It

So many women find the “perfect body” in the form of a picture of a model or actress and try to look just like her. Guess what … your body is NOT HERS. You will never look like her because you are not her. Instead, work with what you’ve got. Don’t envy others for a body type that you just don’t have. Do you have a pear shape? So does J-Lo, so work with it! Are you slender by nature? So is Gwyneth Paltrow, so work with it! Learning to work with what you’ve got is essential for finding success and happiness in your body and your life.

Women everywhere are constantly trying to get into better shape. This can be a great thing for both your physical and mental health. Add some weights, lower your body fat, and work with what you’ve been given in order to sculpt the best possible body and get in the best health of your life.

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