Keeping Your Joints Healthy For Pain-Free Living in Marietta

If you’ve ever found your knees aching with the changing weather or your wrists in pain from opening a jar, you’re in good (and abundant) company. Literally millions of Americans suffer from pain in the joints as they age. The wear and tear that our joints experience just from everyday life, is enough to cause significant aches and pains as we get older. Even though pain in the knees, back, neck, and other high traffic areas of the body is expected, doesn’t mean that we can’t or shouldn’t do everything we can to prevent it from happening to our bodies. Here are some basic tips for keeping the joints loose, limber, and pain free.

Keep your body at a healthy weight. It’s no secret that maintaining a fit body is better for your health, but keeping excess weight off is also good for your joints. The more weight you carry, the more work your back, knees, and other joints have to do. Eliminating extra work for the joints can obviously prolong their health, which wards off aches and pains for just a little longer.

Exercise. In order to keep the joints pain-free, you have to keep them flexible and moving. Try to exercise at least 5 days a week, and keep varying the type of routine. This will keep your joints from doing the same repetitive motion every day, which will allow for a much larger range of motion. Skipping your workout will allow the muscles and joints to get stiff, further contributing to aches and pains.

Lift weights. Even though you should lose weight on your body to relieve stress, you should lift weights to strengthen the muscles and increase endurance. The weights don’t have to be heavy; small hand weights will work just as well. Lifting weights regularly will help to build strength in the muscles around your joints so that your knees and hips (and etc.) have to do less work.

All of these tips can could help prevent aches and pains that we get from aging, but sometimes it’s a good idea to also get help from professionals. Along with the above tips, seeing a chiropractor can help keep pressure off of your joints by keeping the spine (and consequently other joints) in alignment. At clinics like The Joint… the chiropractic place, you can get help for these types of pains by ensuring that your spine is aligned and your body is in balance. With affordable prices and walk-in appointments, you can keep pain away through the best medicine out there…prevention.


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