Maintaining Mental Health Through Stressful Situations

Oh, stress. Stress is one of those things that we don’t seem to be able to live without. While none of us actually want to deal with stress, it is something that we all have to deal with from time to time. Most of us have to deal with it regularly and far too often. Too much stress is not only bad for your physical health, but it can also significantly damage your mental health as well. In order to protect your mental health and keep your well being on track, check out these tips for getting through stressful situations with your mental health in tact.

Remove Yourself Physically

Ok, you can’t run from your problems, but you can absolutely take a break from the stress. A good idea is to get up and physically remove yourself. If the stress is in your home, go out for a while…go to a movie or take a walk at the park. If the stress is at work, take a day off. Just getting yourself out of the stressful space can give you some perspective, calm your nerves, and let you take a much needed breather from the stress.

Set Priorities

Sometimes we create our own stress. When we take on too much or don’t learn to use the word “no”, we often create our own little stressful situations. Instead, make a list of priorities in order of importance. What can wait until later? What can you ask someone else to do? Setting some priorities for yourself can allow you some space and breathing room to recharge your batteries.

Let It Go

Sometimes, the best course is to just accept what is out of your control. A lot of stress is caused by incessant worrying. Worrying happens when we think too long and seriously about something that we have no control over. Stop! Accept that this particular situation is out of your control, and only focus on the parts that you can handle. You may not be able to stop an event from happening, but you can control how you feel and react. This one step can make a big difference in long term stress levels.


Getting in some exercise is a great way to lower stress levels. Your body can only handle one type of stress at a time, so if you are feeling overwhelmed, get out and move your body. Your brain will only be able to handle the mental or physical stress, and if you are exercising, it will choose the physical. It will improve your health, and it will also relieve you of stress for at least a little while.

Your mental health is important. When mental health suffers, so does physical health, overall well being, quality of life, relationships, and the list goes on and on. Protect your mental health with these tips to get you some of those stressful situations in life.

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