Meet Your 2014 Goals With These Tips


The New Year is the perfect time to set new goals for your life – be they health related, professional in nature, or having to do with relationships, etc. But here is the thing about goals: they are easy to set, but sometimes not-so-easy to achieve or follow through on. Here we have compiled some realistic tips you can use to meet whatever goals or resolutions you have set for 2014. Keep us posted on how they are going, and talk to your chiropractor for more details on a personal health and wellness plan!

Have a Reason Why

When you think about your goals, you have to know what your reasons are for pursuing them. Understanding your motives can help you embrace the feelings and excitement you get when thinking about the finish line. In addition to knowing your reasons for pursuing goals, also try to familiarize yourself with reasons for not pursuing goals. This will help you prepare in advance against the pitfalls, discouragement, and disappointment, so you can power through and achieve what you set out to achieve.

Have a Plan of Action

Without a plan of action, nothing will ever get done. This might seem like common sense, but all too often people set goals yet fail to map out the journey. When you create a plan of action, make sure that the steps are realistic, doable, and specific. Don’t just say “I will lose 10 pounds this year.” Take it a step further and discuss the “how” part of this goal. How will you change your eating habits specifically? How will you exercise regularly? How will you take care of your mental health and attitude? Doing the prep work is key to achieving any goal.

Be Positive

Everyone hits setbacks when in pursuit of goal. If you are trying to lose weight, you will probably have a week where you plateau despite your best efforts. If you are trying to save money, your car might break down one week forcing you spend a little more than you might want. Regardless of the setbacks, though, keep your eye on the prize. Weathering the storms and struggles on the road to your goals will inevitably make you stronger and more appreciative in the end. And here is a finally note on positivity: it tends to manifest when you visualize it, so even if you are not feeling particularly optimistic, envision the positive and see where it takes you!


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Story Credit: Three Steps to Fitness Success in the New Year by Men’s Fitness Editors

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