On a Roll: 3 Fun Ways to Bike Toward Fitness

Run toward a fit body. Walk toward better health. Lift your way to toned muscles. You’ve likely heard these or similar thoughts plenty of times before. These little sayings are just ways to help us feel motivated to get ourselves in better shape.

Although they are meant to be fun and productive, sometimes they give us ideas about how to workout. Perhaps you gave little thought to taking up running until you saw a message similar to the one above. Or perhaps you need something new to keep you motivated and to spark new ideas. One you’ve unlikely heard, but might be beneficial and inspiring, is this: Roll toward fitness. Yep, roll! Sounds a lot less intimidating, huh?

Take a look at these fun and effective ways that will help you roll into a better body and health.


This class has been called an obsession by many people. It is done inside on stationary bikes with a qualified instructor. SoulCycle incorporates riding at different speeds and intensities, and also includes fast music with a choreographed sort of dance. You’ll ride tall and strong, dip down low, move your arms, and pulse it out to the beat. With a whole class behind you, this winds up being extremely motivating and a ton of fun.

Spinning Class

A spinning class is riding a special stationary bike indoors with a big group of people. You’ll do intervals of slow, high resistant riding and fast paced, lower resistant riding. You’ll have race days in which you ride a certain distance with a goal time, and then you’ll have recovery days to let your body recuperate. All of this will be done with an instructor pushing and motivating you, and you’ll have a class full of people to keep you going. For those who just want to ride a stationary bike without the fancy bells and whistles, this may be your best choice.

Old School

Of course you can always take this form of exercise old school and get a regular old fashioned bicycle. Cycling with a regular bicycle has a lot of advantages. This avenue lets you change up your scenery often. You can exercise outside, on a trail, around the block, at the park, or any number of places. You can even buy a device that holds your bicycle off of the ground and lets you ride inside. You can burn massive calories (up to 800 an hour!), and you’ll shape your legs like never before. The best part about an old fashioned bike? They are a ton of fun and will make you feel like a kid all over again.

While running or lifting can sound difficult and intimidating and may keep you from getting started in the fitness world, rolling sounds more like fun! Fortunately, you really can roll your way to a fit and toned body. You’ll still have to put out some effort, but it will be both fun and rewarding. Give any of these cycling choices a try for an exciting way to improve your overall health.

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