Stress Relieving Workouts for a Calmer Body and Mind

Stress is one of the worst things for our bodies and minds, but it’s also one of the things that we are unlikely to live without any time soon. Stress comes from a million different angles, each attacking us at different times. Do you have a job? Then you probably have stress. Do you have a family? Again, this usually involves stress. Are you alive and breathing and participating in life? Then you probably have some stress! It’s inevitable, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t fight back.

To help manage and alleviate stress in your life, take a look at these great exercise routines that can melt stress away while improving your fitness at the same time.

Yoga and Pilates

Both of these exercises focus on breathing, elongating muscles, and holding positions for a set amount of time. They require self discipline, concentration, and determination. Throughout a class, you’ll also learn how to center your emotions and your thoughts. What does this mean? Essentially, it means that you’ll learn a little self control. You’ll be guided in how to shut off your thoughts and just be with yourself. At the same time, you’ll extend physical energy and gain a better body. For stress, these exercises are definitely a win-win.

Walking or Running Long Distance

Have you ever heard of the runner’s high? This is the phenomenon that happens after you’ve exhausted your first reserve of energy. You’ll suddenly find a new reserve, and this one feels amazing! For stress relief, the runner’s high is an excellent strategy for coping. It will help you shut off the mental stress and instead focus solely on the physical stress that you are putting your body through. This works best when you walk or run for long distances, as this is the only way to bust through the exhaustion wall and make it to the infamous runner’s high.

Boxing or Fighting

Frustrated? Punch or kick a boxing bag. You will feel a release of energy and stress like never before. Luckily, these sorts of classes are on the rise in many cities. From kickboxing to jiu jitsu to karate to regular boxing … you can take your pick! Channeling your stress and frustration into an avenue such as this is an excellent way to extend energy, build a great body, gain amazing strength, and release pent-up stress for good.

Exercise in general is an excellent way to manage stress, but these three choices are at the top of the list. Each of these classes or workouts brings their own flare, so give one (or all!) a try to see what works best for you. Not only will you learn to get rid of that pesky stress in your everyday life, but you’ll build a strong and capable body to boot.

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