The Health Benefits Of Making Mistakes

We all make mistakes in our lives, and guess what – That can be a great thing! I used to think mistakes were truly horrible, but I have sinced changed my tune because I have found that each mistake offers an amazing lesson.  Not only are mistakes okay to make, but they’re needed to grow and be our best selves. Here are just a few examples of how your mistakes can make you happier and healthier long term.

Working Yourself Too Hard


We’ve all been there; we don’t take breaks, take on too many things at once, and repress our frustrations.  With this behavior, we eventually freak out and feel like yelling at the top of our lungs.  But by making the mistake in the first place, we learn that we must take care of ourselves, say how we’re feeling, and take things slower.  When we start to improve our behavior our minds and bodies do a total 180 and we become grateful for our huge release in stress.


Just the thought of something mean you said coming back to you is enough to make your skin crawl, am I right?  But we’ve all been guilty of gossiping, and when the person we were talking badly about finds out, we feel anxious, guilty, and sorry we opened our big mouths.  There is a lesson in this mistake; we learn how bad it makes someone else feel to be the object of hurtful words, and we don’t want to subject ourselves to feeling those horrible emotions again.  So we make an effort to be kinder, more understanding, and keep our negative thoughts to ourselves.

Blowing Off Friends For A Relationship

Many people are guilty of doing this at least once.  We get so infatuated by our new partner that we forget about everything else and don’t make time to nurture our friendships.  But there is a great lesson to be learned here; you start to realize that there is more to life than you and your partner and your friendships are an essential part of your life.  Making this mistake makes you so much less likely to ditch your friends for a relationship in the future.


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