The Pain Predicament: What You Can Do for Chronic Pain

Pain is a part of life that no one escapes. We’ll all feel pain from time to time, from our first scraped knee to broken bones to illness to childbirth. It happens, and for the most part, there’s nothing we can do about it. Because there are so many types of pain that we can’t avoid, it’s always a good idea to try to prevent the ones that we actually can avoid. For many people, the answer lies in chiropractic care. Take a look at these common types, causes, and solutions for pain, followed by how chiropractic care may eliminate some of these pains for good.

Common Pain Complaints

Some types of pain are unavoidable. We get in accidents or sustain injuries that just seem to happen with life. Other types of pain may not only be treatable, but preventable as well. Some of the most common complaints of pain that don’t have anything to do with accidents or legitimate injuries include back pain (especially in the lower back), neck pain such as cricks or stiffness, headaches, and joint pain.

Common Causes of Pain

As previously mentioned, some of the causes are out of our control. Accidents. Diseases. Activity-related injury. All of these are just a part of life. Some other common causes include inactivity, inflexibility, and subluxations. This last word, subluxations, is just a word describing misalignments that occur along the spine. When the vertebrae are out of place, it puts the spine in a bind and builds pressure. As the pressure increases, the problem expands, manifesting as pain in various locations around the body. It just so happens that all of the common complaints of pain can be caused by these misalignments.

Common Remedies

Some common treatments that many people turn to include massage, over the counter medication, and heating pads. Though all of these may help, none of them attack the source of the pain. They simply go after the symptom: Pain. If you want to go after the source, try visiting a chiropractic clinic. For those pains that radiate from the spine, chiropractors may be able to put the vertebrae back in proper alignment, thus reducing or even eliminating pain and soreness. Is it a cure all? No. But, a growing number of people are claiming pain reduction as a major benefit of getting care.

Where Can I Go for Quality Care?

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