This Is What Makes A Truly Great Friend

True friends have the ability to make us want to be better people. They can often be our human diaries, in that they are open and available for discussion. They know us inside and out and wouldn’t want us any other way. True friends are ones who nurture our spirit and help us to grow into even better individuals. Check out the following qualities of truly great friends, according to some experts.


1. They Forgive Us

We all make mistakes from time to time in family matters, romantic relationships and friendships. But genuine friends know how to forgive. When conflicts arise, true friends are strong and reach out rather than gossip about us, or saying nothing and letting resentment brew. Real friends understand us, and because of this, they are able to forgive us for our wrongdoings.

I have some friends who I am so lucky to have in my life. They have forgiven me when I have wronged them or was insensitive. They are truly gentle souls. These friends are like my family in that they are there for me through thick and thin and make an effort to make me a priority. These are the people we want in our lives, not the ones who abandon us when times get hard.

2. They Make Us Want To Be Better Human Beings

Real friends stay with us as we grow and make us want to be the best version of ourselves. Inspiring, right? It is important to remember that friends are not only there to support us, they are our role models; this is why we should choose them with care. Genuine friends help to bring out the best in us. I have a confident friend who I truly look up to because she is good to me and to herself. She is one of those people who is there for you no matter what and is always available to give her sound advice. It is through observing her that I want to be a better person.


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