Treating Arthritis: 3 Benefits of Chiropractic Care

When you’re young, you rarely think about some of the implications of growing older. We all think about the superficial aspects, such as wrinkles or balding, but few of us seriously think about any real problems in any depth. Things such as osteoporosis and arthritis, which affects the aging population significantly, go completely without thought. Perhaps that is the reason we tend to panic just a bit when we are struck with these types of ailments as we age.

Let’s take for example arthritis. When arthritis hits, it’s no laughing matter. It hurts and causes debilitating symptoms. Since we’ve given it little thought, we may or may not know what to do. Whether you have arthritis, know someone with the disease, or are simply preparing for the future, take a look at this great technique for dealing with arthritis: Chiropractic care.

What is Arthritis?

You may think that arthritis has some fancy medical definition, but it’s a lot more simple than you might imagine. Arthritis is inflammation of the joints. This inflammation happens fairly consistently and occurs without any specific cause. Besides inflammation, arthritis is also accompanied by stiffness and pain. One may also experience severe curvature of the joints and bones in extreme cases.

The Impact of Chiropractic Care

Many people find chiropractic care to be beneficial in treating arthritis. It’s true that a chiropractor works on the spine, which may seem of little importance when referring to arthritis, but the spine is delicately linked to multiple functions in the body. As the spine is aligned, which is the main purpose of chiropractic care, it can enhance these functions in the body and promote overall wellness. Some ways in which chiropractic care can aid in the treatment of arthritis include:

  • A Decrease in Inflammation – This is an important aspect of treatment for arthritis, as this is the culprit of most pain stemming from the disease. Through proper alignment of the spine and efficient function of the body, general inflammation in the body is reduced, which includes the inflammation caused by arthritis.

  • Increase in Natural Range of Motion – If you’ve ever had an injury that included swelling, such as a sprained ankle or wrist, then you already know how difficult it is to move when severe inflammation is present. The area becomes stiff and immobile. When this inflammation is reduced, mobility is regained as well. Due to this phenomenon, one who previously thought all flexibility and range of motion lost, may regain some of that lost ability.

  • Pain Reduction – One of the biggest results that patients want to see is a reduction of pain. Many who seek treatment for arthritis find this to be a much welcomed benefit of chiropractic care. As inflammation is reduced and mobility is improved, pain is also reduced significantly. It’s important to note that chiropractic care is not a cure for arthritis, as a cure does not currently exist, but that for many it is an excellent management technique for long-term wellness.

Where to Get Care

Whether you need chiropractic care for arthritis or any other ailment, check out The Joint Chiropractic. The Joint not only offers chiropractors who truly want to improve your health and wellness, they also offer walk-in appointments and an affordable pricing plan so that there are even fewer obstacles in your quest for better care. Chiropractic care can bring so many benefits to your health and your life, so get to The Joint and protect your wellness for good.

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