What Not To Say To A Woman Who Doesn’t Want Children

There are some things you just shouldn’t say to women who don’t want to have babies. Although we may be trying to act out of kindness or are just saying how we truly feel, sometimes what we say can just be downright rude and unwarranted. Check out the following things you shouldn’t say to women who don’t want to be mothers.


1. “What? That’s Sad!”

It may be sad for you if you weren’t to have a baby, but different people have different priorities and for some, having a baby would be sad. So understand that your opinions are your own and not everyone in the world thinks and acts like you do. 

2. “What Does Your Husband Think?”

If a woman you know doesn’t want to have babies, chances are her husband doesn’t want to, either. People generally talk about their wants before they enter into a marriage and saying this to someone is rude and just isn’t worth saying.

3. “No! You’d Be Such A Good Mom!”

Just because someone may be good at something doesn’t mean that they want to do it. I’ve read countless accounts of people who make wonderful doctors, but they hate their jobs so they move onto something else. When you have children, you can’t simply move on to something else

4. “I’m Sure You’ll Change Your Mind.”

This statement goes along with number 1- just because you think a certain way, doesn’t mean that someone else does, too. No one likes a control freak, so step back a bit.

5. “That’s Selfish”

What’s selfish is having a baby when you don’t want one. Doing so can cause immense feelings of unhappiness for both you and your children. This is just a rude thing to say that is completely unwarranted and will cause more harm than good in terms of your relationship with this person.

6. “I Would Feel Meaningless Without Children”

Well that’s great, but newsflash, ever consider that someone else’s life would feel meaningless with kids? Some people have different passions and different things they want to accomplish in their lives, and babies don’t fit into the equation but they are just as happy.

7. That’s Unnatural

What’s unnatural is all of these questions, as is wearing clothing, shaving your legs and being vegan, but people do it. There are billions of people in the world, it will be OK without me bringing another person into it.


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