Why Can’t I Sleep? Unexpected Reasons You Have Insomnia

Sleep is one of the best things for your body and mind. In fact, it feels like an old, devoted friend. When you get enough of it, you feel healthy, refreshed, and generally happy. When you don’t get enough, however, you feel sore, cranky, and generally put out with life. So, how can we ensure that we get enough of the good stuff? For starters, take a look at these surprising causes of insomnia that might be keeping you awake all night.

Too Much Technology

Being too plugged in can really make an impact on your sleeping schedule. Technology has been known to keep a few people up through the night. Not only can it keep your attention, but it can also alter your internal clock. The light and constant brain activation keeps your mind and body from properly winding down. That means when it is time to sleep, your brain is not sending the proper cues to your body, and therefore, you are more likely to lie awake counting sheep. If you can, keep your technology use to a minimum. If that is not possible for most of the day, then at least try to limit use a few hours before bedtime. This will help your brain and body get the cues it needs to wind down and rest.

Taking Your Vitamins at Night

If you can’t seem to get enough shut eye, re-evaluate your vitamin routine. Are you taking your vitamins at night? If so, look at the Vitamin B content specifically. This vitamin is known to produce energy in the body. The same can be true for foods that contain high amounts of the B Vitamin. Making a simple switch to morning vitamins might make all the difference in your body being able to fall asleep. Anything you can do to stop energy production late in the day is bound to help with your sleeping patterns.


Are you one that simply cannot fall asleep unless it’s freezing cold? Or fairly warm? Everyone has that perfect temperature that helps them sleep well. Find yours, and get your bedroom to that temperature at bedtime. A room that is too hot or too cold for your liking can keep you awake. Most people prefer cool temperatures, so if you are having trouble finding the perfect temp, start there.

Getting enough sleep can be tricky. Along with fairly busy lifestyles, you might be sabotaging your sleep without even knowing it. Take a look at your bedtime routine and determine whether you need some adjustment for a good night’s sleep.

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